27 Healthy Popcorn Recipes to Cure Any Snack Attack

Crunchy, rich, brimming with carbs… popcorn is a definitive cheerful sustenance. No, truly—considers have demonstrated that the serotonin found in the sans gluten grain can have unwinding, disposition lifting impacts. No big surprise it’s such a famous gathering starter, late-night nibble, and above all, a definitive sidekick for motion picture evenings. In any case, as solid as popcorn can be all alone, snack bars and prepackaged assortments regularly serve it splashed in salt and spread—or much more terrible, misleadingly seasoned goop taking on the appearance of margarine.

We’ve discovered 27 formulas that pump up popcorn’s healthful profile. Made with a dash of margarine, finished with cinnamon, or blended into a sweet and salty combo, there’s a great choice for each yearning. Reward: We’re matching every variety with our proposal for a film to watch along while you chomp.

1. Apple Pie Popcorn

Get Recipe Apple Pie Popcorn

2. Chocolate and Coconut Popcorn

Get Recipe Chocolate and Coconut Popcorn

3. Pumpkin Popcorn

Get Recipe Pumpkin Popcorn

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