26 Healthy and Portable Mason Jar Meals

Just a couple of years prior, bricklayer jugs were essentially entirely to can. Presently, in all likelihood because of online networking, they’re as in vogue as green juice and coconut oil. Certainly, they can house wedding centerpieces and tiki lights, however stunningly better: They make convenient, parcel control suppers a secure—some don’t require a moment of cooking! In addition, hi nourishment porn! Who knew plates of mixed greens looked much all the more inviting stacked?

Be that as it may, don’t stress on the off chance that you don’t feel like you #nailedit on the presentation. Taste buds realize that it’s what inside that matters, and these formulas are certain to satisfy.

1. Blueberry and Grilled Peach Quinoa Parfait

Get Recipe  Blueberry and Grilled Peach Quinoa Parfait

2. Bacon and Eggs in a Jar

Get Recipe Bacon and Eggs in a Jar

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